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The year 2012 was a year of great importance for Comarbel SAS, due to the investment in presses of Nilpeter and HP Indigo to optimize the printing of labels and exercise the production of jobs with higher quality.

For this year, there was high competition in the flexographic printing market, our clients were constantly growing and their needs increased; this prompted them to make a powerful investment, which would further position them in the market.

Comarbel's early years were focused on small brands, in order to be able to effectively fulfill all projects. However, by 2012 we wanted to innovate in larger industries with higher quality work and higher productivity, of course, not without leaving Colombian entrepreneurs behind.

On the other hand, something that made the difference in that year was the particular growth, in the cosmetic and beverage sectors, while the applications of shrink covers also increased.

Having installed the most advanced technology, Comarbel set its sights on offering value-added products and services to its clients in an effort to differentiate itself in its competitive local market. They wanted to educate brands and position themselves as their business partner, not just a label supplier.

Comarbel also began targeting environmental sustainability as a new value-added offering for its customers, developing a line of compostable shrink labels. They wanted to show their clients that at that time they could offer more environmentally friendly solutions, with, once again, the main objective being differentiation in the market.

At present, Comarbel has managed to expand its market niche, positioning itself as a strong competitor in the industry of printing shrink, self-adhesive and wrap around labels for the production of national and international consumption. Values such as innovation, commitment, efficiency and effectiveness, allow them to fulfill the promise of value offered to the market and meet the demanding requirements of the market day by day, being the ideal ally to manage the image of the products.

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