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Frequent questions

The most frequently asked questions and their answers

Raw Materials

In what micron rating are the polypropylene hot films (dry) handled by Comarbel sas?

The micron rating that we handle at Comarbel for Dry biorented polypropylene is 20 or 25 microns.

What prices does Comarbel SAS charge, per kilo, for metallized polyester?

The price initially depends on whether it is the quantity, after this, we validate the destination city. To know the answer according to your need, we invite you to contact us or fill out our quote form

Are 12 Micron Wet Matte or Shiny Bopp rolls corona treated?

Yes, the Bopp Wet Matte or Shiny rolls have corona treatment on both sides.

Are the rolls of Bopp Wet Matte or Glossy 12 Microns heat sealable?

The 12 micron Bopp rolls marketed by comarbel are not heat sealable.

How many linear meters are the Bopp Wet Matte or Glossy 12 Micron rolls?

Bopp Wet Matte or Shiny rolls come in 4,000 ML or 6,000 ML each.

Containers and Packaging

How many color stations are handled?

For flexographic, 8 color stations are handled and for digital, CMYK is handled in 5 colors.

What type of print substrates does Comarbel SAS use?

The substrates that are handled in Comarbel for shrink are PVC, OPS and PET. For self-adhesive, white, transparent, metallized polypropylene and self-adhesive paper are handled

What is the delivery time for labels, which Comarbel SAS handles?

The delivery time handled by Comarbel SAS is 28 days

What are the printing processes handled by Comarbel SAS?

Comarbel SAS handles flexographic printing and digital printing.

How much is the minimum production for the manufacture of labels in Comarbel SAS?

The minimum number may vary, according to the measurements requested and the type of label that the client requires. To know the answer according to your need, we invite you to contact us or fill out our quote form

Does Comarbel handle deliveries nationwide?

Yes, Comarbel markets its products nationally and internationally.

Does Comarbel design the arts?

Comarbel does not have a design department to make arts, clients can carry out Pre-press works, review and / or modify them to guarantee the quality of the image in printing.
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