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1. What are cookies?

A cookie is information sent by a digital channel (website or application) of the publisher (COMARBEL SAS), stored in the user's browser, so that the user's website or application can consult the activity of the user's browser or device. .

Cookies are used mainly to know if a user has browsed a website, in order to facilitate browsing through content of interest, recognizing their browsing habits and helping to remember their behavior to provide a better experience in future opportunities.

Cookies are used regardless of whether users are anonymous or registered on the publisher's website.

For greater clarity, cookies are not spam, computer worms, or any other type of virus that can damage the user's browsers or devices.

2. General information and authorization for the use of cookies

To improve the user experience and navigation in its digital channels, COMARBEL SAS uses its own and third-party cookies for data storage and retrieval. The use of cookies by COMARBEL SAS is informed to the user at the time of their entry to the digital channels of that, making available the complete information on the policy of use of cookies of COMARBEL SAS, such as types of cookies, purpose with which they are stored, vehicles to disable them and consequences of doing so for navigation.

Therefore, if the user continues browsing through the digital channels of COMARBEL SAS, after being fully informed about the use of cookies, it is understood by the user the unequivocal authorization for the storage and use of cookies with the purposes contained in the COMARBEL SAS Cookies Use Policy, including the authorization for the processing of personal data, if any, under the terms of Article of Decree 1074 of 2015.

The authorization granted by the user for the use of cookies is provided for the different digital channels of the different Business Units of COMARBEL SAS set forth in their privacy policy.

Despite what has been explained, the user is empowered to disable the use of cookies through their browser, as explained below, as well as to delete cookies that have been previously stored. In the event that personal data has been processed by COMARBEL SAS, as explained below, it will have the channels enabled to exercise its right to habeas data.

For greater clarity, it is reported that access by the user to COMARBEL SAS's digital channels also implies the use and / or storage of the following types of cookies: (i) technical cookies; (ii) security cookies; (iii) cookies for expressly requested services, such as session or user input, (iv) personalization cookies.

3. Processing of personal data

In the event of personal data processing tasks associated with the obtaining and storage of cookies by COMARBEL SAS, the user, as the owner of the personal data, authorizes its processing for the tasks identified in these policies of cookies, for each type of cookies according to their purpose.

Said treatment may be entrusted to third parties located within and outside the country.

The owner of personal data will be assisted by the following rights: (i) to know, update, rectify and access their information and the treatment given to it; (ii) request proof of this authorization and revoke in the terms of the Law; (ii) and file complaints with the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce. These rights may be exercised through the following channels: (i); (ii) Carrera 92 No. 17 B 24, Bogotá.

4. Types of cookies

For browsing through its digital channels, COMARBEL SAS uses its own and third-party cookies.

  1. Own cookies. They are those that send the websites and / or applications managed by COMARBEL SAS, from which the service requested by the user is provided to the user's browsers and devices.
  2. Third-party cookies. They are those that are sent to the user's browsers and devices from a computer or domain that is not managed by COMARBEL SAS. Third-party cookies are also those that, sent through applications managed through COMARBEL SAS, the information they store is processed from third-party devices or applications.

Additionally, regarding the purpose for which cookies are processed, COMARBEL SAS uses the following types:

  1. Technical cookies. They allow the user to navigate through the digital channels of COMARBEL SAS and make use of the multiple options or services of said channel, such as the identification of the transfer, access to restricted content, the guarantee of non-repudiation and authenticity, the use of elements of security during navigation, the completion of the process of buying a product, the request for registration or participation in an event and the authorization of traffic or access to a specific service requested.
  2. Security cookies. They allow COMARBEL SAS to authenticate its users, prevent the fraudulent use of login credentials and protect data against unauthorized use by third parties.
  3. Personalization cookies. They allow the user of the Colombiana de COMARBEL SAS digital channels to access the service with some predefined general characteristics, depending on the criteria of their browser or application, such as the language and the configuration by area of the good or service.
  4. Analysis cookies. They allow COMARBEL SAS to follow and analyze the behavior of the users of its digital channels, serving to measure the activity of the channels and the elaboration of user profiles, in order to provide an improvement in the browsing experience.
  5. Advertising cookies. They allow COMARBEL SAS to improve the management of the advertising spaces of its digital channels. Likewise, if they are behavioral advertising cookies, they allow the storage of information on the user's behavior that is obtained from the observation of their habits, managing to develop a specific profile for targeted advertising.

5. How to disable the use of cookies and their consequences.

Users of COMARBEL SAS digital channels can disable, at any time, the use of cookies from their browsers, as well as delete cookies already created. To do so, they must go to the options or preferences sections of the browsers, located on the toolbar.

Disabling cookies could compromise or disable some functionalities of COMARBEL SAS's digital channels, such as:

  1. Access to websites without the need to indicate the username and password in each entry.
  2. The publication of comments within the websites.
  3. Unrestricted access to content within the websites.
  4. The security in the use of the information that is entered to the web sites.
  5. The agility of the services of the COMARBEL SAS websites
  6. The provision of specific services by COMARBEL SAS

6. Changes in the cookie policy

To comply with regulatory needs, as well as with the purposes of providing a better browsing experience and safe use of user data, COMARBEL SAS reserves the right to update this policy from time to time, which may be consulted through its digital channels each time users access them.

7. Exercise of rights against the editor

Users may, at any time, exercise their right to disable the use of cookies or eliminate those stored on their computers and browsers, in accordance with the explanation of Numeral 5 of this Policy. However, users must bear in mind that only entering the digital channels of COMARBEL SAS after the elimination of the stored cookies, will be able to understand the new use or storage of those specified in the last paragraph of Numeral 2 of this Policy.

COMARBEL SAS informs users of its digital channels that disabling cookies or deleting them on their computers or browsers does not entail the revocation of the authorization for the processing of their personal data. All exercise of the right of habeas data by the owner against COMARBEL SAS, must be channeled through the means enabled by it, as explained in Number 3 of this Policy.

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