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Labels for the food industry

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Etiquetas para la industria de alimentos

The labels of food products must comply with quality standards, regulated by control entities, in addition to various requirements by manufacturers. Additionally, it is of great importance to obey functions such as:

  • Product and / or brand identification
  • Product description: who made it, where, date of manufacture, what it contains, how to use it, and indications for safe use
  • Product promotion
  • Inform about compliance with the laws, regulations and regulations in force.

Labeling is the visual conquest that the product has with the final consumer. This is why design and quality are relevant factors. The variety of materials and innovation allow us to face the challenges that this industry demands. Due to the above, Comarbel, thanks to its experience in the market, is classified as a commercial ally, noted for offering effective solutions available to all food manufacturing companies; complying with the relevant needs and requirements.

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