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Self-adhesive labels in their early days

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The Self-adhesive labels, which are commonly used in the market, are older than we think.
Its origin dates back to the beginnings of commerce, at the time when man began with the commercialization of packaged products, he had the need to label them in order to identify them.

It is well known that those first identifications were not what we know today as labels, but marks on the vessels.

In the year 3,000 BC, merchants drove papyrus sheets to their places with glue of animal origin, it is there where the beginning of the adhesive labels is located.

In the nineteenth century they experienced a radical change thanks to the creation of rubber, venturing into marking the creation of labels with support that became sticky when moistened.

The most important year was 1930, R. Stanton Avery, formally there the self-adhesive label was born, a label that cuts and sticks itself.

Self-adhesive labels have been used in addition to product labeling, also for advertising, a communication element, among others.

Comarbel SAS understands that design and innovation are a fundamental part, that is why our effort is focused on offering high quality labels providing added value so that your product stands out from the rest.
We complement the workforce with materials of the highest quality, protection and finishing according to your requirements, different types of application and flexographic or digital printing technology.

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